The East Window of St. Mary's

Two members of the congregation of St. Mary's, Beddgelert were simultaneously inspired to investigate the possibilities of setting up "The Friends" at a parish "away day" in 1994. Some prepatory work was done by them prior to an inaugural meeting held in the village community hall in the first part of 1995. The meeting proved to be a success and so "The Friends" were born.

From the very outset it was realised that the number of regular attenders at services in the church was in no way indicative of the interest in and affection for St. Mary's not just in the village of Beddgelert itself but in the wider community, especially holidaymakers.

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The objects of "The Friends".

In common with all Registered Charities "The Friends" has a Governing Document, within which the objects are set out. Rule 2 states - The objects of the Society shall be to maintain, repair, restore, preserve,improve, beautify and reconstruct for the benefit of the public the fabric of the Church of St. Mary, Beddgelert its monuments, fixtures, fittings, furniture, stained glass, ornaments and other chattels and its churchyard.

It should also be pointed out that the Incumbent, Churchwardens and PCC of St. Mary's retain all their rights and all ecclesiastical law continues to apply to the church.

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One way in which we assist the church is in providing short guides to the interior and exterior of the building. These guides take the form of a tri-fold A4 sheet and are provided in 5 languages.

Click on a flag to see a guide in that nation's language.
Cliciwch ar y faner i weld canllaw mewn iaith sy'n genedl.
Cliquez sur un drapeau pour voir un guide en langue de cette nation.
Klicken Sie auf eine Flagge, einen Führer in diesem Land die Sprache zu sehen.
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